Good anatomy at the heart of MedRecruit's website

Whether it's a case of matching doctors with a great job and a great lifestyle, or helping hospitals fill vacancies with the right doctor with the minimum of hassle, MedRecruit proves it can be done very successfully...



The situation
Their point of difference is the ease of making it happen, by bringing doctors and hospitals together into a onestop online web space where it's easy to connect with opportunities.

Much like an operating theatre, technically they had lots of smart tools at their disposal. MedRecruit had invested in the latest Microsoft CRM platform to manage all the extensive interactions and communications that happen in a job placement process. Having the 'engine' firmly in place, they turned to Intergen to come up with an interactive website that would be the hub for where smart and easy recruitment happens.

Recruiting the right medical staff should be easy. "Who says it can't be done?" say MedRecruit. "Let's bring all the players together in the right place, in a one-stop website that will help broker good relationships and achieve great results. "

Inside the anatomy of the user interface
MedRecruit's Managing Director Dr Sam Hazledine threw open the challenge to Intergen's interactive studio to come up with some smart and savvy work flow processes that would surface the sophisticated CRM functionality behind the scenes. "We wanted something that was understandable and absolutely simple because we didn't want the technology to get in the way. These are medics not techs. We wanted the website to be the one place to look that doctors and hospitals would want to keep coming back to, to get information about any job or placement opportunity."

"Intergen added great value by thinking OK, how do we wrap this functionality into a great outward face."

This is a website that dares to be different
The tone is light, fun, and inspiring, so that the perfect balance is struck between the work the web site has to do as a smart recruitment tool, and the way it does it. It's intuitive to use, yet intriguing to investigate with many creative hooks that embraces lifestyle into the concept of recruitment.

Doctors can build a highly personalised MY MedRecruit page to manage applications, job matches, CVs, and timesheets. It has a powerful search engine and plenty of links and resources for doctors. A rewards programme, offering more than just steak knives, earns points for loyal support and referrals. A Men of MedRecruit Naked calendar bares all in the name of charity and a Register Now device is smart lead generation at work.

It's all in the name of providing a great user experience to complete the cycle of recruitment as effortlessly as possible.

One-stop shop for hospitals
Not only do hospitals in New Zealand and Australia have access to thousands of job seekers registered with MedRecruit, but money, time and resources can be saved by hospital administrators managing all their vacancies and placements in one centralised online space.

As a one-stop web shop for medical recruitment, MedRecruit's online offering is unique in Australasia. It's a win-win for doctors, hospitals, and medical practices. And the practice of matching doctors not just to jobs, but also to lifestyle, leads to 57% better retention.

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