Run The Red is a leading mobile solutions provider. Headquartered in New Zealand , and founded in 1999, the company's mission is to create innovative and compelling mobile applications for a broad range of clients operating in a number of sectors.

The company's unique asset is its depth of understanding about what drives the mobile consumer's customer experience. Accumulated over five years through the analysis of several million messages for high profile clients, Run The Red has built up formidable specialist knowledge about SMS in particular, as well as considerable expertise in all forms of mobile data, from MMS to 3G and WAP to palmtops.

Knowing, and caring, about the way customers interact with their mobile handset means Run The Red can ensure its clients, from FMCG brands to banks, entertainment brands to marketing and communication agencies, will receive a return on their mobile investment in record time. In addition to strong relationships with Australasian mobile network operators, the company has connections worldwide that allow it to deploy and maintain international projects seamlessly and easily.


Run The Red works closely with clients, partners and associates on all areas of wireless marketing, providing strategic advice, detailed campaign planning and reporting, and project management.

Run The Red is experienced and skilled in the following areas:

· Conceptualisation, developing a sound and profitable business case.

· Creating functional and technical documentation

· Dealing with mobile carriers, advertising agencies

· Launching, managing and analysing projects

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Run The Red offers the following services:


All Run The Red services are based upon our successful and easy to use products:

Gives you full control of your mobile marketing with this easy to use Campaign Management Engine.
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is a proven mobile banking solution designed to meet the strict audit and security requirements of financial institutions.
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is a multi-player SMS gaming application that gives players the opportunity to pull on their team’s jersey, and flex their muscles, both on and off the field and all via their mobile phone!
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Run The Red have built and managed some of the New Zealand 's most successful SMS campaigns. For further information please visit these selected case studies:


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Case Studies

Run The Red finalist in Global Messaging Awards with PSIS
For the second year in a row, New Zealand-based mobile technology company Run The Red has been nominated as a finalist in the prestigious 160 Characters’ Global Messaging Awards... READ MORE >

PSIS goes mobile with Run The Red
Run The Red was requested to develop a secure, easy-to-use mobile banking service for PSIS customers through text messaging... READ MORE >

Run The Red milks it for Primo
An innovative text messaging campaign from Run The Red delivered 225,000 text messages for Primo Flowtime – Strengthening and revitalising Primo's milk market positioning... READ MORE >

Westpac launches SMS channel with Run the Red
With Run the Red's help, Westpac has successfully launched an SMS communication link between students, the bank and its branches READ MORE >

Telecom Mobile 'connects' with SMS gaming
To further develop the link between Telecom Mobile, rugby fans and the game of rugby, Telecom had to create a new style of game that would providing Telecom Mobile phone users with a genuine interactive rugby experience. This is how they did it... READ MORE >

'Game On' has lessons for successful SMS marketing
Run The Red Director Justin Boersma has a word of advice for anyone planning to harness the power of SMS-based text promotions: If you intend to run your campaign for any length of time, plan to introduce new game features to maintain player/subscriber interest and attract new players... READ MORE >

Telecom Mobile scores big with rugby text promotion
Rugby is New Zealand's national game, with hundreds of thousands of committed fans enthusiastic about getting involved in all sorts of promotional activities associated with the game… READ MORE >

IRB Rugby Sevens
In order to achieve the aims of the Sevens tournament promotion, Run The Red and Telecom worked together to devise a game plan where interactivity was paramount. The strategy would easily engage potential players, and allow the promotion to feed of the relaxed carnival atmosphere the Sevens tournament is famous for... READ MORE >

Americas Cup $250K challenge
Run The Red's mobile marketing solution meant the Americas Cup text messaging quiz ran like a breeze for Telecom Mobile... READ MORE >

Racing Ink / TAB

Tuaman / Sky TV

Loop Recordings

Radio Active89FM
Wellington-based member of the nationwide B.Net radio group Radio Active 89FM, in conjunction with Run The Red successfully completed Radio Active's first interactive SMS competition campaign... READ MORE >

Super 12 text messaging campaigns build fan loyalty
Super 12 fans either kept warm at matches or busy on the sofa by thumbing their way through 500,000 text messages this season. We look at the results of another successful TXT campaign hosted by RunTheRed… READ MORE >

Run The Red announce Telecom Super 12 partnership
The cementing of the Super 12 account continues Run the Red's successful partnership with Telecom NZ, following on from the America’s Cup promotion, which broke through one million texts in just 77 days, making it possibly the most successful SMS competition of its type in New Zealand... READ MORE >

Massive response to America's Cup TXT competition
The Telecom $100,000 America's Cup text challenge developed by mobile enabling company Run The Red has generated nearly half a million text messages in just two weeks, said Director Ben Northrop... READ MORE >

TXT competition to take 2 to TUAMAN training
Award winning Wellington based wireless marketing firm, RUN THE RED, announces the successful launch of the first “Official” David Tua text messaging campaign in partnership with and Sky TV... READ MORE >

Labour trials SMS technology to 'reach' youth
In what is believed to be the first example of its use in New Zealand, the Parliamentary Labour Party has enlisted the expertise of mobile enablement company Run The Red Ltd to trial an SMS-based text service to provide information to, and seek feedback from, young people on issues of interest... READ MORE >

Primo TXT results for NZ Dairy Foods
When the marketers of the Primo range of milk drinks wanted a campaign that would stimulate interest in its product, and at the same time leverage their target market’s interest in mobile technology, they turned to Run The Red... READ MORE >

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