A full Cloud based Industrial Strength & Feature Rich Accounting solution that will exceed your expectations

About eAccounts

eAccounts, written in New Zealand, has been in business for over 10 years quietly building from the ground up, an Industrial strength business solutions system for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's) whilst being totally a Web / Cloud based solution.

The system has some of the most sophisticated accounting and financial management features you will find in the world. Read our website further, and you will conclude that eAccounts is far more than an accounting system.

With its integrated Shopping baskets (supporting both B2C & B2B), Staff Task Management, Newsletter generation and electronic publication system and CRM, eAccounts makes it a true one stop solution for almost all of your business system needs.

eAccounts has helped some big household named companies in NZ, Australia and across the pacific like Telecom, 2 Degrees, Rail Plus (Aust), Rail Plus (NZ), ITM stores across the nation, etc, cut costs by having a single solution they can access anywhere.

Key Features

  • Fully Internet / Cloud Based Solution
  • Securely works 24/7 from any browser
  • Currently supporting businesses with 200+ staff
  • Works with large data files 50,000+ stock items or 12,000+ customers
  • One simple low monthly subscription
  • Contains all expected accounting functions
  • Built in shopping basket (Both B2C & B2B)
  • Run most reports on an automated schedule
  • Customisable menus and options
  • Menus & screens branded with clients logo using their corporate colours
  • Multi Branch & Multi Currency
  • Prints directly to your printers (most web based solutions cannot)
  • Strong user management
  • Full user/staff logging and tracking
  • Powerful one stop Dashboard


We dare you to compare eAccounts to any other

Sure eAccounts has all the standard accounting functions such as
Debtors, Creditors, Stock Control, Asset Register, and GL Financials.

BUT does your current software...

  • Integrate B2B and B2C shopping baskets through to GL financials?
  • Allow your customers to log in?
  • Allow your staff to work globally? (with controlled restrictions)
  • Have a powerful CRM system built in?
  • Create / send newsletters to your customers directly?
  • Include task management for your staff?
  • Stores all of your office procedures online?
  • Logs and tracks everything your staff do?
  • Require no onsite server or local backup?

Allows your staff to work anywhere, from any computer. Allow your customers to log in (JustOneClick) and view their accounts, reprint their statements and invoices, and raise their own sales orders to you.

Or maybe give your accountant full access, or major shareholders and business partners 'read only' access.

All of this from simple and secure access from any internet browser.

Visit www.eAccountsGlobal.com to learn more...Phone: +64 9 524 2139

You are always in control. The logs are so detailed you can review everything a staff member did six months ago. You can also see at a glance see who is currently working and what they are doing.

eAccounts contains a Rich Text editor to update the CRM with details of a customer visit, then write a letter thanking them for the big order. By using eAccounts to write letters everything is in one system. All staff can access all correspondence in one system from any browser.

Store all your office procedures in eAccounts, like:
Code of conduct, staff leave requests or health and safety rules on using the forklift. Your staff then have access to your latest versions online. eAccounts has a powerful Newsletter module built in; write a monthly newsletter, include pictures of your new products, or a mug shot of the new sales manager. You can also attach PDF’s (eg. latest price list) or links back to your website. No need to mess around with exporting emailing addresses as eAccounts is the total solution.

With eAccounts you can manage repetitive staff tasks, like reminding Johnny to put the rubbish out on Fridays. You can also broadcast messages to the staff, like "Work party 5pm Christmas eve."

eAccounts is written in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, but is also used in many other countries.

It is used by many leading New Zealand and international organisations.

Contact eAccounts

Physical Address
eAccounts Global Ltd
1 Ngaire Ave, Epsom
Auckland 1051
New Zealand

Postal Address
eAccounts Global Ltd
PO Box 8420,
Symonds Street
Auckland 1051
New Zealand

Contact Phone Numbers

Auckland: +64 9 524 2139
Wellington: +64 4 974 5033
Christchurch: +64 3 929 0673

Fax: +64 9 524 0870
After Hours: +64 21 921188


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