Waipareira Trust builds choice IT product

25 Jan 2013 Newsdesk: The urban Maori authority is taking its in-house developed software program to the world amid aspirations to become a leader in software development for the community services industry...


Te Whânau O Waipareira Trust has chosen Microsoft’s award-winning customer relationship management solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM to drive a new software tool that it has developed in house and will soon launch internationally to community service providers.

The Whânau Tahi Navigator system is a vertical software solution that the Trust says has already changed the way community services are delivered to New Zealand families by helping the Trust to streamline access to vital healthcare, justice, education and social services.
The system was designed to support an all-inclusive approach to providing services and opportunities through a family-centric model of services delivery. The approach focuses on the whole family, so they can be in charge of their destinies. 

With plans to become an industry leader in software development for community service providers around the world, the Trust turned to Microsoft because it is a global brand with advanced xRM capabilities.
“Our decision to partner with Microsoft was simple,” says the Trust’s CEO, John Tamihere.
“Not only does Dynamics CRM interface well with our other systems, Microsoft is a trusted, international brand that will support the long-term viability of our programme.”
The Trust is working towards integrating the Whânau Tahi Navigator software with Medtech 32 – a software product used by the vast majority of GPs and other community services providers in New Zealand and many others around the world. The move will eliminate data entry duplication and enable practitioners to access data more efficiently and spend more time focused on its clients.

“We’re making the system as seamless as possible for GPs, social workers and healthcare workers,” says Whânau Tahi’s principal and Trust deputy CEO, Steve Keung, who notes the Trust will also use Dynamics CRM to streamline its referral service, financial system, clinical systems and human resource management.
Te Whânau O Waipareira Trust is already reaping the benefits of its decision to ditch paper-based systems for Dynamics CRM technology, seeing improvements in data and information sharing, better outcome measurement, and more robust accountability for management, clients and those providing funding. Streamlined and automated business processes are also leading to improved productivity while, at the same time, the Trust is making the right steps towards maximising funding.
“We required a system with capability to link funder investment to a measureable outcome. If we invest a dollar, we must be able to link that dollar to an outcome, be that extended life, increased employment, or improved literacy. We must think in terms of outcomes, not outputs,” says Tamihere.

“Thanks to Dynamics CRM, we can support families far more efficiently and effectively into the future, making life-changes, while being accountable to families and funders for every dollar invested.”
Te Whânau O Waipareira Trust will be well-supported by Microsoft as it considers other technology rollouts, including SharePoint, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Surface tablets.

“Working closely with the Trust, we’ve already made great leaps and bounds with Dynamics CRM, but that’s really just the start of things to come,” says Microsoft New Zealand Dynamics lead, Lindsay Zwart.

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